+[April 20th, 2007]+

The Quest

Hello guys!

First of all, a huge sorry for the lack of update! I've been quite busy the last few weeks. Unfortunatly the homepage cannot be my top priority at the moment, but I'm working on it. Between studying and the real life I've managed to create a new collage - an episode based one. Everybody who hasn't seen The Quest be aware of spoilers! Have fun.



+[February 15th, 2007]+

I've just added a new link to my link list. It's a forum about Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. Have a look and lot's of fun. It's absolutely great.

+[Stargate Command]+

+[February 5th, 2007]+

A huge Stargate Atlantis Transcript update. Thanks a lot to SG Atlantis

+[1.03 Dunkle Schatten]+[Hide an Seek]+
+[1.04 38 Minuten]+[38 Minutes]+
+[1.06 Selbstopferung]+[Childhoods End]+
+[1.09 Zurück auf der Erde]+[Home]+
+[1.11 Der Sturm - Teil 2]+[The Eye]+
+[2.02 Der Eindringling]+[The Intruder]+
+[2.12 Epiphanie]+[Epiphany]+
+[2.15 Der Turm]+[The Tower}+
+[2.16 Phoebus und Thalan]+[The long Goodbye]+
+[2.17 Der Staatsstreich]+[Coup D'etat]+
+[2.18 Michael]+[Michael]+
+[2.19 Inferno]+[Inferno]+
+[2.20 Das Bündnis]+[Allies]+

+[January 23rd, 2007]+

Hi guys. Just a small update for the German fans out there. The Transcript area is updated. I've just uploaded the new season 9 script Off the Grid. Have fun!

+[9.16 Ohne Netz - Off the Grid]+